Early Warning System for Livingston County

What to do when you hear the Sirens sounding.
Recent Incidents

Over the last two years a series of Early Warning Sirens have been installed to help in warning county residents in cases of severe weather or other civil emergencies. There are currently 20 sirens installed throughout the county which can be activated individually or in groups by Livingston County dispatch personnel under the direction of the Office of Emergency Management.

Reasons for activation will include Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Warnings issued by the National Weather Service. Other reasons will be chemical releases from the various industrial plants in Calvert City, just across the Tennessee River. Sirens may also be sounded for other reasons at the direction of the Director of Emergency Management or the Judge Executive.

Sirens are located as follows:

  • Livingston County Livestock Yard
  • Ledbetter Fire Station #1
  • Ledbetter Water Tower; US 60 & McQuire Rd.
  • Ledbetter Fire Station #2
  • KY 453 & KY 937 [Cut-Off Rd.]
  • KY 453 & Heater Store [KY 1889]
  • Calvary Baptist Church [KY 453]
  • KY 453 & Redbud Rd.
  • KY 453 & Corinth Church Rd.
  • Grand Rivers Water Tower
  • Van Hooser Rd near KY 93 [Iuka Rd]
  • KY 866 [Paradise Rd] & Country Rd.
  • Grand Lakes Fire Station #3; KY 70 Near Tiline
  • Smithland Water Plant, US 60 near KY 453
  • Birdsville Campground, KY 137 [River Rd.]
  • Burna Fire Department, US 60
  • Hampton United Methodist Church, KY 135
  • Salem Fire Department
  • Lola Cemetary Rd, KY 133 near KY 838
  • Carrsville, Fleet St & First

When sirens are sounded, county residents should tune to local TV or radio stations for further instructions. WPSD TV 6 and WKYQ Radio 93.3 FM are the primary stations for this type of incident. Information can also be obtained from NOAA weather radios. Please do NOT call Livingston County Dispatch as they will be very busy handling the incident and directing emergency units.

All sirens are controlled by radio and are activated via computer from Livingston County Dispatch using Federal Signal Corporation's Federal Commander Digital System. Each siren can be programmed for various functions and activated either manually or automatically.

Funding for the acquisition and installation of the system was provided by various sources. The system was installed in 2 phases, the last of which was completed in June 2005.

Recent Incidents

Recent incidents include:

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