Public Safety Agencies Operating within Livingston County

County Agencies

For Emergencies:
Know when to dial 911

Burna Fire Department 270-988-2277 WebPage
Grand Lakes Fire Department 270-928-3175 WebPage
Ledbetter Fire Department 270-898-6838 WebPage
Livingston County Dispatch 270-928-2196 WebPage
Livingston County Emergency Medical Service 270-928-4212 WebPage
Livingston County Sheriff's Office 270-928-2122 WebPage
Salem Fire Department 270-988-2200 WebPage
Smithland Fire and Rescue 270-928-3559 WebPage

State Agencies

Kentucky State Police 800-222-5555 WebPage
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement 800-928-2402 WebPage
Department of Fish & Wildlife 800-25-ALERT WebPage
Division of Emergency Management 800-255-2587 WebPage

Federal Agencies

US Forestry WebPage
Tennesee Valley Authority 800-839-0028 WebPage
US Coast Guard WebPage