Historical Markers

Visit The Kentucky Historical Society for a list of Historical Markers located within the county:
Mantle Rock & The Trail of Tears
Visit The Nature Conservancy for additional information on Mantle Rock.

Visit Land of 10,000 Trails for more information on Kentucky's portion of the Trail of Tears.

Kentucky Dam & Locks

Built during the years 1938-1944 and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority [TVA], Kentucky Dam is a major producer of electricity generating nearly 200 megawatts. At 8,422 feet in length it is the longest dam on the Tennessee River creating Kentucky Lake, the largest artifical lake in the eastern U.S. Nearly 50 million tons of cargo travels the Tennessee river system of 9 dams covering 652 miles through Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.

Spanning the Tennessee River, this dam joins Livingston and Marshall counties.

Barkley Dam & Locks

Barkley Dam, also operated by TVA, spans the Cumberland River, joining Livingston and Lyon counties. The tailwater areas of both dams provide excellent fishing areas. Public access is conveniently provided.

Other Places of Interest within the county.

The Gower House overlooks the Ohio River at Smithland.
Kentucky's Western Waterland

Dyer Creek Access Site Waterfront Park
Birdsville Access Site Waterfront Park
Givens Creek Access Site Waterfront Park

Canoing Trails on Area Rivers

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